Elle Italia

1. PRIME the hair with BODY.BUILDER and blow dry the hair to create lift at the roots and soft shine throughout.

2. PREP the hair with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and a large curling iron.  Curl large sections of hair to give the mid shafts and ends of the hair a slight bend.

3. FINISH with SESSION.SPRAY and hair elastic to secure the hair into the desired ponytail shape.

ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-1 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-2 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-3 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-4 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-5 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-6 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-7 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-8 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-9 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-10 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-11 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-12 ELLE_ITA_08_15_PAG_140_165-13

Leon Gorman for Elle Italia using KEVIN.MURPHY