Though we may not always think of it, clean water is a resource that is becoming less and less available to communities around the world. At KEVIN.MURPHY, we’re committed to helping our salon community do their part for the environment while benefitting their every day business. In alignment with our commitment and our passion for water conservation, we’ve partnered with EcoHeads to bring salons an innovative showerhead that uses less water at the backbar, thus reducing rinse time and energy expenses. The EcoHeads showerhead uses 1.45 gallons of water per minute, which is 65% less water than a standard showerhead through an innovative plate that forces maximum pressure with minimum water usage. Using a more effective water stream results in reduced rinse times, furthering water savings and ultimately getting cleaner hair in the process.In addition to the water saving benefits of EcoHeads, these showerheads also offer a better customer experience and end result. Tourmaline stones within the tool generate negative ions, which re-introduce moisture into the hair. Ions are especially effective when combined with heat, so it makes sense to start this process at the bowl before styling the hair. In addition, the Tourmaline stones reduce chlorine levels in the hair, which makes this rinse process better for a colour service.To learn more about EcoHeads, visit ecoheads.com or ask your distributor sales representative for more information.