Changing up your hair colour is an investment, so why not put in the extra effort to maintain it? Our in-salon solution for colourists and clients has been designed to close the cuticle and stabilise colour to ensure brilliant, long lasting results.

Featuring KEVIN.MURPHY’s cult-favourite cleansing conditioner, RE.STORE, and the colourist-approved STAYING.ALIVE, our COLOR.ME Finishing Regimen will ensure your colour doesn’t get rinsed down the drain after each shampoo. Together, this duo gently cleanses the hair with superfood proteins to nourish and strengthen the hair, leaving it with a protective barrier to lock in moisture which promotes shine and improves hair flexibility.Colourists: follow these five simple steps to help your clients get the most out of your colouring services.

Step 1: Once development time is complete, emulsify and rinse colour from the hair.
Step 2: Apply STAYING.ALIVE to equalise the hair and prepare for cleansing.
Step 3: Apply RE.STORE to wet hair and scalp. Lather and gently shampoo for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
Step 4: Apply STAYING.ALIVE to finish the service.
Step 5: Style as desired.

Don’t forget that proper at-home care is key to maintaining colour vibrancy and longevity. Check out our all about.you Product Matchmaker for a personalised hair care regimen, hand selected just for you!

Learn more about our COLOR.ME Finishing Regimen from COLOR.ME Design Director, Kate Reid: