FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016


The little town of Maastrich, Netherlands, laid the grounds for this year’s FASHIONCLASH festival, which we proudly sponsored! With the support of our talented hair team in the Netherlands, this “alternative fashion week” was directed for the third year in a row by our very own SESSION.MASTER Ilona De Leeuw and co-directed by our STYLE.MASTERS Juha-Matti Manninen and Massimo Morello.


The festival lasted for four days, where we hosted seven workshops, with eighteen hair designers who styled over 100 models. Bringing together masters and novices alike in the art of fashion and beauty, FASHIONCLASH serves as a hot spot for various workshops, exhibitions and live demonstrations, as well as a platform for young leading talent from across the globe to showcase their work. Each year, we invite all of our SESSION.SALONS to audition for the chance to work directly with our team backstage at the event. Between ten and twenty talented artists are given the amazing opportunity to assist us hands-on during the show, providing them with a firsthand “behind-the-scenes” experience with us!


The festival’s overall theme of “heritage” set the stage for the underlying inspiration behind the looks we created at this year’s show. Every detail, from the models’ hair and makeup to their clothing and accessories, captured pieces and elements of this intertwining, universal theme. Our main inspiration behind the looks we created this year was “natural with an edge”, which was evident in the fashion-forward styles designed by Ilona and her team.

Our stylists reflected this natural-inspired finish with intricate details that were masterfully echoed in every look. One of our most creative workshops during the festival showcased looks based off of an “old-style African Egyptian” inspiration. In order to capture this look within the hair, our brilliant hair designers crafted small braids and head wraps out of the models’ hair to reflect this striking style in a subtle, artistic fashion.


The festival also included various performances, special presentations, and a marketplace, where we hosted an interactive pop-up salon, complete with a hands-on styling bar where participants had the opportunity to try out our products first-hand with our team, along with the chance to win some of our most coveted goodies!

Want to re-create one of our runway-ready looks? Follow the steps below for a double-bun from the show (pictured below), created by SESSION.MASTER Ilona De Leeuw!



1. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY to damp hair and dry in.

2. Separate hair in to two sections, starting from behind the ears up to the crown of the head.

3. Make two messy buns; one on the top of the head and one just above the occipital bone, leaving out a few messy strands of hair next to the contour line.

4. Finish the look by applying HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY around the buns to add shine and texture.

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