Two Horses is a stable of creativity for lifestyle adornment. Its founders Jessi Preston & Sara-Isobel Mulder, workhorses in their own fields of tattooing and hair joined forces to develop a space where people come to relax, get rad, and leave transformed. One part tattoo shop, one part hair salon and a sprinkle of ever-changing contributors form a unique space that is an exclusive stop for those with discerning tastes in Montreal. Not to mention, these rad girls carry the KEVIN.MURPHY line, so we figured we would feature them due to the combination of their eccentricity and their love of KM!

What makes Two Horses unique?
What makes Two Horses unique is the fact that we are a multi-use space that houses a full service hair salon and tattoo parlor. We also have a retail boutique and an ever changing list of contributors from nail artists to tarot card readers.

What inspired you to open a salon that is also a tattoo parlor?
The differences between our hair and tattoo clients are far fewer than their similarities. Today clients have a greater knowledge of what good hair and tattoos are. They have refined tastes and are connoisseurs of lifestyle adornment. We cater to this select clientele and wanted to give them a space that is not specifically a “walk-in” reliant business, but rather an exclusive experience that people seek out. Both acts of getting your hair done or receiving a tattoo are transformative in a way that effect people positively when done well. For us, they just seem to fit.

What are your best-selling KM products?
Our best selling products are probably FULL.AGAIN and YOUNG.AGAIN. The new PLUMPING LINE comes in as a close second. People also really love all of the shampoos because there is really something for everyone’s hair needs.

What is the average Two Horses customer like?
The Two Horse client has done their research. They have a clear idea of what they like and they seek out high quality products and experiences that are unique. Our clients understand quality over quantity and they expect professionalism bottled in a good time. They are all ages, all shapes and sizes, and they all have great taste!

What is your philosophy toward retailing products?
We are casual about selling products, really. We trust in the quality of Kevin Murphy products and know that people will leave with their hair feeling better than it ever did before we touched it. We always say that once you’ve tried Kevin Murphy products on your hair, you won’t go back and it’s true! It’s easy to sell something that works that well and people become loyal to the product line once they start because their hair has never felt better. We all personally use it, so we live what we sell. It’s very authentic. (We also give a full money back guarantee if the client doesn’t like the product and we’ve yet to have anything returned. 🙂 )

What is the salons industry’s biggest challenge?
We believe the biggest challenge for any industry right now is the YouTube education. We support open education and giving people the opportunity to learn and grow as humans online. But when it comes to trades, it is far too important to be safe and not destroy peoples hair, skin, confidence, etc. with a risky knowledge base. Whether we are discussing the hair stylist, tattooist or any other trades person, it is all likely that knowledge has been earned through an investment of time, money and education. The dedicated professional will continue to make those investments in their education and remain current to provide the best service possible for the client.

In our salon, we are often fixing or cleaning up someone’s homemade fiasco or covering up the “friend tattoo.” It can be a dangerous road when untrained people have begun working on clients without the full skill set or knowledge base to protect them from mistakes. Therefore it is the challenge of the industry to reiterate standards of quality and educate the public about what is acceptable practice in our industries. By raising our standards we can expect the clients to do so as well.

What is the best business advice you would give to other salon owners?
Believe in what you do, work your ass off, always learn, always grow, and ALWAYS have fun doing it. Wear good shoes!


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