Fluffy Hair: Breaking Down The Trend

The latest hair obsession has little to do with length or colour, instead, it’s all about the finished style. 

Many of us have spent countless hours chatting about Kaia Gerber’s lob or discussing the perfection of Lily Aldridge’s balayage, but the latest trend is one you can create at home with a helping hand from a few choice products and the right styling tools. It doesn’t necessarily include curls or waves, and isn’t done or undone — fluffy hair is all about enhancing what you’ve got. Quickly taking the cake as the go-to style of the season, we’re giving you all the secrets on how to achieve it.

The Trend:

Fluffy texture is neither “big” nor “frizzy” hair. It doesn’t hold a distinct pattern and instead works with everyone’s natural texture to create a unique finish. Whether starting with ringlets or a slight bend, fluffy hair is all about creating volume without completely altering the silhouette for an airy feel.

How To Get The Look:

  • Instead of creating the perfect blow-dry or a sleek flat iron wave, start by simply getting the hair dry, either by air-drying or rough drying and gently manipulating it to create the finish.
  • Depending on your natural texture and desired finish, you can add a few twist-curls (always leaving the ends out) or flat iron bends in random sections. Once hair is dry, spray ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and then use the desired tool of choice to create movement.
  • Then, once the hair is cool. Use a FINISHING.BRUSH to comb through your style, creating an airy, fluffy appearance, and spray BEDROOM.HAIR throughout to lock in the volume and finished feel.

Why You’ll Love It:

Fluffy hair doesn’t necessarily follow a pattern and isn’t designated for one style over another. It can be created on all hair colours and cuts with ease. What’s more, while it does follow certain characteristics, this style is something you can easily make your own.

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