HIM PRIME with THICK.AGAIN to improve the mass of the hair and with your fingers dry for volume. Allow texture to form.

PREP with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY for hold, direct the airflow forward. FINISH with FREE.HOLD by breaking up the texture, control the hold and give longevity to the style. Flatten down the sides and then push the hair over to the side.

HER PRIME with PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE for density.  PREP with ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY for hold and section the head into 4 sections and use a curling iron, starting at the nape using large sections and a large barrel focus on the roots and mid-lengths, with the ends only barely heat for blend and smoothness but no wave.

Once all sections are complete FINISH by using a small amount of FREE.HOLD for separation and a natural sine while maintaining volume.

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