Hair I Am

“Hair I Am” collection/dance piece choreographed by Kao Vey Saephanh and Martha L. Zepeda of  LV Dance Collective.
For this project, the goal for the hair was movement. Kao used Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity, Session.Spray, Easy.Rider, Night.Rider, and Young.Again to achieve the look.
Kao Vey Saephanh isn’t just a salon owner/hairstylist; he’s a dance artist who specializes in hair. In “Hair I Am,” Kao was able to explore and overlap the two passions, where he was able to do the dancer’s hair and co-choreographed the piece with Martha L. Zepeda, Co-Founder/Co-Director/Co-Choreographer of LV Dance Collective. “Hair I Am” will be premiering at ODC Pilot 63:Concatenate show on Dec. 8 and 9 at 8pm in San Francisco, CA at ODC Common.
“Here I Am” explores the importance of hair, which represents the crown of the soul, the evolving seasons of our maturity, and the frame that our personalities shine through. This project involves the exploration of hair in relationship to dance. They used hair textures to influence the movement qualities, explored hair habits that one has, and emphasized on Era’s hairstyle to generate different movement. LV Dance Collective is deeply affected by hair. Kao, a hair stylist used his personal skills in styling the dancer’s hair. Martha has always been affected by hair. She has been judged, stereotyped, and constantly scrutinized for the textures she has. She used her personal experience with hair to drive ideas for this project.
LV Dance Collective is a Contemporary Fusion Bay Area based performing company, under the Artistic Direction of founders/choreographers Kao Vey Saephanh and Martha L. Zepeda. LVDC uses movement to inspire, to communicate, to overcome, and to educate. While focusing on creating works LVDC strives in the health of the mind, body, and soul through various creative initiatives including movement exploration, workshops, classes, and collaboration. We believe that through movement one can do anything.
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