How To Prevent Heat Damage

We’re deeming 2021 the year of damage control. So, how do your hair habits hold up?

No matter the finish, the path toward achieving and sustaining healthy hair isn’t always a straightforward experience. Whether in the salon or at home, go-to styles often involve the use of hot tools to get the look. However, experts agree that scaling back on heat styling and adding a few key product swaps can help improve the appearance of hair patterns, texture, and colour while leading to an improved feel and finish. What does this mean? We could all use a refresher on the best ways to prevent heat damage.

Cut Down on Heat Styling

Heading into a new season, we’re all looking forward to ditching our sweats and seeing friends again, but don’t abandon your air-drying techniques just yet. One of the easiest ways to cut down on heat damage is by lessening your use of hot tools. Instead of relying on heat to create your everyday style, utilise leave-in treatments, air-drying, protective styles and style specific products to achieve a similar look sans heat.

Create A Barrier

Relying on air-drying is a great daily option to cut down on damage, but you don’t have to say bye-bye to heat styling altogether. Instead, when utilising heat just make sure there is a barrier between your hair and the heating element. Simply, apply a layer of HEATED.DEFENSE on damp hair and follow with your favourite stylers to get your desired look. A weightless shield of protection, HEATED.DEFENSE ensures your hair is protected, smoothed, detangled and ready for any style you desire.

Prolong Your Style

If heat-styling is a must-have for your daily routine, consider changing the frequency to preventing heat damage. Instead of relying on a blow-dry or hot tools a few times a week to achieve your desired look, switch up your prep and wash routine instead.

Start by adding the new BLOW.DRY range to your style prep. Pick from EVER.SMOOTH, EVER.LIFT, EVER.BOUNCE or EVER.THICKEN to speed up your dry time and elongate the style memory of your finished look. Extended style memory leads to fewer touch-ups, which means less heat!

In addition to this, skip wash day and add FRESH.HAIR and YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER to your routine instead. By extending the runway on your style, you can easily cut down on the damage frequent styling can incur while saving precious time.


Damage Control

Whether the damage has already been done or you’re working on prevention, maintaining a healthy style requires a balance of expert attention and quality home care routines. Work with your hairstylist to plan consistent haircuts, pH.D treatments and in-salon care. Then, incorporate deep conditioning and leave-in treatments to do some major damage control.

Our favourite at-home products include:

HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE: To give parched hair an extra dose of moisture.

YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE: To aid in anti-ageing and rejuvenate strands.

ANGEL.MASQUE: To restore fine, colour-treated, fragile, or broken hair.

LEAVE-IN.REPAIR: A leave-in treatment that nourishes, increases shine, and protects against heat.