The washes and rinses have always been a staple in the KEVIN.MURPHY range of products, but we have found over time that there is a big need for more texture specific treatments. We can no longer apply the principle that one size fits all, as there are many different hair types. For this reason, it was decided to create two new and exciting hair-type specific treatments, ANGEL.MASQUE and HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE.

ANGEL.MASQUE is a strengthening and deep conditioning treatment for fine, chemically treated or coloured hair. It is perfect for fine coloured hair because those with fine hair often suffer from breakage and traditional masques were too heavy to be used on a regular basis. There still needed to be certain ingredients to help repair the hair, especially after colouring. But because traditional masques were too heavy for that particular hair types, they were unable to use them as often as they should. This masque has been packed full of ingredients perfect for this hair type. It contains Tripeptides that are a complex of three different strengthening proteins. It also contains Bamboo extracts, Quinoa extract and silk proteins to improve hair elasticity, resilience and restore moisture balance. Abundant in vitamins, Jojoba Esters provide extra strength and thickness to the hair. This repairing and thickening TREATMENT is the perfect add on to the ANGEL.WASH & RINSE routine.


HYDRATE.ME.MASQUE is specifically made for normal to thick, dehydrated, or coloured hair. Its main purpose is for smoothing and repairing. This masque contains two very important vitamins for hair repair – vitamins C and vitamin E. Vitamin C is a very potent anti-oxidant and vitamin E provides excellent moisture. Both of these ingredients are essential for the repair of coloured or chemically processed hair. If combined together in a product, vitamin C and vitamin E produce a chemical reaction that would reduce their efficiency, for this reason we have used a new process of micro encapsulating the vitamins in this masque. The micro encapsulation keeps each of the vitamins separate and only come into contact when you use the masque and the treatment capsules explode on contact, delivering both hydration and moisture. Kakadu Plum smooth’s the surface of the hair to lock in moisture. Seaweed helps to cleanse hair of excess oil as well as hydrate it naturally, bringing out its natural shine.
This repairing and smoothing masque is the perfect addition to the HYDRATE-ME.WASH & RINSE routine.