1i-gucci-dress-and-shoesInspired by the fast-paced, free-spiritedness of night life and the 80’s club culture, stylist Rick Yang of FAC3INC used KEVIN.MURPHY to create big disco curls and messy upswept ‘doos for L’Officiel Singapore’s Dec/Jan 17 issue.

“I planned for the shoot with a girl who’s out of love in her mind,” explained Deputy Fashion Director Evon Chng of L’Officiel Singapore. “If I had to select a soundtrack to accompany this shoot, I Love The Night Life by Alicia Bridges would be very appropriate.”


Surrounding the theme of ‘Love and Desire’, the shoot took place at the vintage-trendy Cherry Discotheque in Singapore. Read on to create these chic, disco-inspired looks for yourself!

To create a soft and messy windswept look, apply ANTI.GRAVITY to damp hair and blow dry in from the roots to create lift along the middle section. Tease roots with the TAIL.COMB, then use the SMOOTHING.BRUSH to smooth any flyways. Use NIGHT.RIDER for grip and texture, and finish with a mist of SHIMMER.SHINE.

148i Gucci dress and shoesTo create big disco curls, prep the hair with ANTI.GRAVITY and blow dry in. U-pin with the 8 symbol method to set afro curls. To achieve natural dimension, use randomly sized sections (some thicker than others and vice versa), as well as a random starting point for the U-pin curls (some nearer to roots, some further away). Set curls with heat using a flat iron. Let curls cool and release pins, then brush out sections for fluffy texture. Use SEWING.KIT to hold style in place.

158i-gucci-coat 157i-dior-dress-bag-earrings-and-cuff-gucci-shoes149i-saint-laurent-shirt-and-jacket-gucci-necklace-and-brooches-dior-earrings150i-fendi 151i-chanel-outfit-and-accessories-gucci-bagPhotos provided courtesy of Joel Low and L’Officiel Singapore.