M/FW 2018: David Jones Opening Runway

This year’s Melbourne Fashion Week opened with Town Hall’s first runway, presented by David Jones, with hair directed by Kevin Murphy and our team of international artists. Featuring the designer’s latest Spring/Summer collection, the runway saw a showcase of looks from modern racing style to spring-inspired lace and modern gala glamour.Our team created hair to complement and blend seamlessly with the designs through natural, tousled texture created using LEAVE-IN.REPAIR as a styling product, as well as a scarf-woven, box braided ponytail – both of which were inspired by effortless, summer style. Re-create our trending scarf pony for yourself with the steps below.STEP 1: Prep hair with BODY.BUILDER and blow-dry in for a natural finish.STEP 2: Separate the hair into two sections. Using a curling tong, take the top half and curl back and away from the face.STEP 3: Finish the hair with a mist of DOO.OVER and use a box braid to tie in the scarf.STEP 4: Detail pieces around the face to finish.

Watch the full how-to below:

Images provided courtesy of Luis Murphy.