M/FW 2018: Town Hall Runway 2

Featuring some of Australia’s most contemporary designers, including Arnsdorf, Bianca Spender, Camilla and Marc, Dion Lee, Michael Lo Sordo, Scanlan Theodore, and Viktoria & Woods, the Town Hall Runway 2 at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week heldĀ an inspiring display of expert technique and forward-thinking design.

This runway’s hair was directed by Kevin Murphy and our team of international artists, and saw a reinvention of the classic ponytail as well as a few select models whose natural, bouncy curls (enhanced with a blend of LEAVE-IN.REPAIR and KILLER.CURLS) contrasted against the sleek, wrapped ponytail silhouettes.“We wanted to tap into the craftsmanship of these designers and reflect the incredible tailoring in their collections through the hair, so we created a very pulled together and precise ponytail,” said Murphy. “We’re calling this the ‘Extreme Ponytail’, as it has an almost equestrienne feel.”Learn how to create our ‘Extreme Ponytail’ with four simple steps below.Step 1: Prep hair with ANTI.GRAVITY and blow dry smooth.Step 2: Create a centre part and spray with SESSION.SPRAY while smoothing hair towards the nape of the neck with the SMOOTHING.BRUSH.Step 3: Create two ponytails at the nape of the neck, with two-thirds of the hair in one ponytail and the remainder of the hair in the other.Step 4: Wrap the smaller ponytail around and down the larger one. Over-spray with SESSION.SPRAY to hold in place without pinning.

Watch the full how-to below:

Images courtesy of Luis Murphy and Lucas Dawson.