From the stage to the breakout rooms, our MASTERS put on an absolutely incredible show for our attendees at FUTURE.LOVE in Las Vegas. We sat down with our team to round up your favourite looks from the show with their best tips and tricks, and gathered them below!


Before & After


To create the colour, DESIGN.DIRECTOR for COLOR.ME Kate Reid recommends:

  1. “Pre-lighten the hair using EXTRA.LIFT POWDER.LIGHTENER + 6% VOL. in a first time application.”
  2. “Rinse the hair, then wash with BLONDE.ANGEL and BLONDE.ANGEL TREATMENT.”
  3. “Apply 11.0 + 8.66 + 5.86 + 10 VOL (3%) with our COLOUR PALETTE to the ends of the hair.”
  4. “Use ICE TONER + 3.5 VOL (1%) in foils just above the pink area and apply them using our LIGHTENING.WAND to create a seamless blend.”
  5. “Rinse and apply the COLOR.ME Finishing Regimen.”
  6. “Apply BLONDE.ANGEL TREATMENT and leave in for 3 minutes.”

To create the cut and style, DESIGN.DIRECTOR for CUTTING Pascal van Loenhout recommends:

  1. “Blow-dry with STAYING.ALIVE and HEATED.DEFENSE for the ultimate heat protection to lock in the pastel shades.”
  2. “Create a blunt bob using our CURVED.SCISSORS to create the bluntest box shape.”
  3. “Apply SHIMMER.ME BLONDE for a luminous shine to bring out the various hues in the hair.”

Modern Choppy Bob

“Use BEDROOM.HAIR for a lived-in look on short, textured bobs. Doing so will give this look a very undone and effortless feel – it gives the haircut the right amount of density, texture and shine.” – DESIGN.DIRECTOR for CUTTING Pascal van Loenhout

For more from our DESIGN.DIRECTORS, check out this article about 2018 AHFA winner Kate Reid, or click here to purchase Pascal van Loenhout’s editorial look book, UN/CUT.


Naturally Textured “Cloud Hair”

“Prep this look with ANTI.GRAVITY to achieve maximum volume, then apply FRESH.HAIR and brush it out to add texture. Finally, apply DOO.OVER to shape the look how you want it.” – SESSION.MASTER Marianne Jensen

Sideswept Tight Braids

“To prepare this look, set the direction of the hair in the exact same way as you will braid it – to do this, blow-dry the whole front section toward the face with ANTI.GRAVITY to create hold. Then, to start each braid, press your thumb on the hairline instead of using a small elastic in order to see more of the separation and achieve extra shine. Don’t forget to finish the look with SESSION.SPRAY and STAYING.ALIVE to remove the fly-aways!” – SESSION.MASTER Massimo Morello


Fabric-Woven Gypsy Braid

“To create effortless lift and perfect texture at the crown, apply DOO.OVER onto damp hair and then add CURL.CLIPS before blow-drying into the hair. Then, take pieces of recycled fabric and weave them into the braid. I love the idea of taking something old and breathing new life into it!” – STYLE.MASTER Ali Batista

*created together with COLOR.MASTER Marsha Moran and COLOR.MASTER Jan Patanao

Braided Bohemian Royalty

“To give the braids a wispy look, prep the hair with DOO.OVER prior to braiding. Then, once the braids are in place, finish them with POWDER.PUFF to soften and pull apart the final look.” – STYLE.MASTER Sarah Lund

*created together with COLOR.MASTER Stephanie Paschke, COLOR.MASTER Shelly Wilson, and CUTTING.MASTER Mark Clayton

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Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy.