Together with the Edwards and Co. hair team, our stylists joined forces for Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia for the ANNA QUAN runway show. Inspired by the liberating nature of holiday resort life, ANNA QUAN’s collection evoked memories of sun-soaked days followed by balmy evenings. The hair for the show, created by the renowned Edwards and Co. styling team using KEVIN.MURPHY, were designed to complement the overall feel of the show. Head stylists and MBFWA Co-Creative Hair Directors, Byron Turnbull and Jayde Turner-Ledwidge, used ANTI.GRAVITY, DOO.OVER and SESSION.SPRAY to create texturised, effortlessly cool hair to capture the simplicity yet perfectly imperfect feel of resort living.

Create this runway look in just a few simple steps:

  1. Prep hair with ANTI.GRAVITY and blow dry smooth.
  2. Take a deep side part on the left side of the head, and section away to the left of the hairline.
  3. With a small tong, take parallel sections along the hairline, grabbing small sections at each time to curl the hair, then clip each section with PIN.CLIPS.
  4. Apply a mist of SESSION.SPRAY and let cool.
  5. Once cool, brush out the curls with a flat brush, creating finger waves.
  6. Loosen the texture of the hair and push towards the back of the nape.
  7. Secure hair into a flat pony at the lowest point of the nape, using an elastic to secure.
  8. Fishtail braid the hair and secure with an elastic.
  9. To complete the look, twist gold wire throughout the braid.

Images provided courtesy of Lucas Dawson Photography.