For this year’s MBFW Australia show in Sydney, Edwards and Co. teamed up with KEVIN.MURPHY to style macgraw’s opulent and monastic runway. This homegrown Australian brand showcased their 2019 Resort collection, which was inspired by the romantic, Gothic Revival architecture of Swifts, one of Sydney’s largest and most grand mansion. The hair for the show was created by the talented Edwards and Co. team using KEVIN.MURPHY, and was directed by Head Stylists and MBFWA Co-Creative Hair Directors Byron Turnbull and Jayde Turner-Ledwidge. The team also partnered with Seamless 1 hair extensions to¬†create looks that brought the runway collection to life.

Re-create the runway look for yourself with these quick steps:

  1. Section hair in a middle part and prep with ANTI.GRAVITY. Dry in the product, making sure not to blow dry the hair smooth in order to allow for ample texture.
  2. Spray hair with SESSION.SPRAY and brush out.
  3. Using a 19mm tong, wrap hair in a ribbon formation, interchanging between curling under and over. Let cool.
  4. Grab sections of the hair nearest the top of the part, and using a tong, start at the eyebrow level to create an off-the-face curl. Once cooled, mist with DOO.OVER and shake out the curl.
  5. Take two strands on each side of the part, and twist hair to the back of the head, securing with pins.
  6. Depending on the texture of the hair, finish with DOO.OVER, or for a ‘floating’ feel, use HAIR.RESORT.
  7. To complete the look, attach jewels into the hair by weaving them into twists.

Images provided courtesy of Lucas Dawson Photography.