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Ever wonder where our ingredients come from? We’re giving you an inside look behind the source of our organic lavender!

At KEVIN.MURPHY, we care about the environment and recognise the seriousness of dangerous climate change. We make every effort to do our part to help the environment while ensuring that our product range uses ingredients that are of the very highest natural quality from sources that are sustainable and renewable, that utilise methods that do not cause any harm to the environment. In alignment with our pillar of ‘The Choices We Make’, we have sought out a local, sustainable farm in Northern California where we’ve chosen to source our organic lavender.Lavender flowers isolated on whiteLavender offers several great benefits for your hair, and can be found in our ANTI.GRAVITY lotion to balance and regulate oil production in the hair follicle. Also known for its calming benefits, the lavender found in ANTI.GRAVITY gently soothes and softens the scalp, offering added benefits in addition to the volumising results that this product provides.

Sourced from a micro farm in Northern California, this ranch practices various sustainable initiatives, including utilising solar and green lighting, upcyling containers that are used on a daily basis, conserving water and energy by eliminating the need for large machinery, and by constantly maintaining the native habitat of their crops. A Civil War Heritage farm, this source offers freshly harvested, Certified Organic crops from their fields, and creates essences drawn from the purest method of extraction. The beauty of our organic lavender is its integrity; from its organic growth methods to the steam distillation process that maintains the natural essence of the blossoms while preserving the natural characteristics of the plant. Our lavender is a custom blend of the ALLPLANT lavender essence, and not all extracts of this plant are produced in this fashion where they result in this level of purity.Blooming lavender in a field at sunset in Provence, FranceLike our organic lavender, we ensure that the natural ingredients found in our products are derived from environmentally friendly sources, where our partners are making every effort to align themselves with practices that maintain and respect the integrity of our environment and the things that live within it. To learn more about ‘The Choices We Make’, visit