MSFW 16: Emerging RMIT ‘How-To’ from KEVIN.MURPHY on Vimeo.

dsc_3954The Emerging designer show at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week featured modern vintage designs created by the artistically talented students from RMIT University. These looks were complemented by eccentric up-do’s that captured the vibe of these artistic collections, and gave the audience a detailed look in to the future of the fashion industry.


Apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to damp hair and dry in. Begin by braiding tight braids from under the O bone to the nape to secure the hair up and away from the back.dsc_2549 dsc_2552 Next, create a square section on top of the head from recession to recession and tie back the section in to a ponytail using the SEWING.KIT. Section from the back of the square section to the back of the ear, then tie off this section to the front of the head in a ponytail using the SEWING.KIT, and repeat this process on the other side. Tie off the remaining section with the SEWING.KIT in to a ponytail at the back of the nape to cover the braided section.dsc_2676Split the ponytail section in the back and stitch behind the ears on either side using the SEWING.KIT. Fold the remaining ponytail sections and stitch them down, making sure all the ends stick up.dsc_2671 dsc_4120 dsc_4188 dsc_4303 dsc_4585 dsc_4656 dsc_4679

Photos provided courtesy of Luis Murphy.