NORTH: Get the look – Tousled Texture

With tawny blonde tones that appear lightened by the sun, this look is inspired by the cool shades of escaping the noon sun. With a natural windswept wave, the hair moves and is alive in the summer breeze with colour and cut coming together to create the perfect effortless face frame. Here’s how to recreate the look:


  1. Mix CREAM.LIGHTENER with CREAM.ACTIVATOR 10 VOL. (3%). Using separators, alternate mid-fine weaves focusing on face-frame illumination.
  2. Hand paint around the separators with FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER and CREAM.ACTIVATOR 40 VOL. (12%) for a sun-kissed surfer-like finish.
  3. Balance and refine with an allover application of 11.2 and CREAM.ACTIVATOR 3.5 VOL. (1%) and equal parts STONE and BEIGE with CREAM.ACTIVATOR 3.5 VOL. (1%) at the new growth.


  1. Prepare the hair with SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH and RINSE.
  2. Apply SMOOTH.AGAIN and blow dry smooth with a LARGE.ROLL.BRUSH. After completing each section, fold and secure with PIN.CLIPS.
  3. Allow to cool and take down section by section from the bottom. Apply a fine mist of TOUCHABLE and comb through with TEXTURE.COMB. Finish with SHIMMER.ME BLONDE and laminate with the palms of your hands to create a soft perfectly imperfect texture.


Photographer: Luis Murphy

Hair Team: Kevin Murphy, Nathan Gorman, Wade Blackford, James Nicholson

Digital/Video: John O’Rourke, Reuben Gates

Fashion Stylist: Emily Ward

Makeup: Kenneth Higgins

Production: Debbie Walters