Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking, natural coastline of Western Australia, our new Middle Island collection takes us back to our heritage with effortless, textured hair, illuminated by warm, sunkissed tones.Set in Esperance against a dramatic backdrop of white sand and rocky beaches, Middle Island showcases simplicity and minimalism through natural, lived-in texture. Sequins, frills and shimmer were set against whiter than white sand dunes to evoke luxurious beach hair care blended seamlessly with the beauty of the wilderness and the purity of the environment.Our team was immersed in a magical bushland setting nestled behind the sand dunes at Bandy Creek, where they styled perfectly imperfect hair to capture natural-born texture and shimmering hues in true KEVIN.MURPHY heritage.

“MIDDLE.ISLAND was inspired by the location it was set in. The picture perfect town of Esperance showcases the true beauty of my homeland, and allowed us to create our brand’s signature beach-y hair in a familiar setting.” – Kevin MurphyHosted by the amazing Esperance Chalet Village and spoiled by the incredible Taylor Street Quarters catering team, our team was treated to an unforgettable experience in this rustic-chic, isolated yet picture-perfect town.Want to re-create one of our natural, texture-enhancing styles? Read below to find out.


Prepare the hair with ANGEL.WASH and RINSE. Apply KILLER.WAVES while damp and comb through with a TEXTURE.COMB.


Apply FULL.AGAIN to the mid-section and ends of the hair only. Use a dryer with a diffuser to encourage the natural curl in your hair as you dry. Remove the diffuser and create some waves by “folding” the hair with your fingers and drying. Shake out the shape.


Take a varied, face-framing section and using a medium tong, enhance the shape by pressing into the hair from the outside and out on the hair from the inside.  Repeat this all over the surface of the hair to enhance the texture and dimension. You may use a PIN.CLIP to clip some hair while the shape is cooling for more strength.


To finish, laminate the hair with DOO.OVER and work in with your hands to realise the shape.


Hair: Kevin Murphy

Photographer: Luis Murphy

Hair Team: Nathan Gorman, Wade Blackford, James Nicholson, Koh

Digital/Video: John O’Rourke, Reuben Gates

Wardrobe: Emily Ward

Makeup: Kenneth Higgins

Production: Debbie Walters