STYLE.MASTERS Shoot in Palm Springs

Our team of STYLE.MASTERS took to Palm Springs to flex their creative muscles with some colourful ‘doos and angular cuts. Want to try your hand at re-creating this killer collaboration? Get inspired from some the spread below and how-to’s on some of our favourite shots!


Cherry How-To

Prime with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and rough-dry hair toward the face, maintaining a triangle shape. Prep with SMOOTH.AGAIN for control and separation through the sides and fringe. Finish with SESSION.SPRAY for hold and humidity resistance.


Anja How-To

Prime with BODY.BUILDER and ROLL.BRUSH to add shine and smoothness. Prep dry hair with SMOOTH.AGAIN to reduce frizz and create a flat silhouette. Curl ends under and toward face using a large iron and pin to cool. Finish with SESSION.SPRAY and a hot air brush to refine shape.


Broken Bob How-To

Prime with STAYING.ALIVE to even porosity. Prep with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to build texture. Rough dry
 by pulling the hair straight and toward the face. Finish with DOO.OVER for a dry finish with hold.



Hair by: Kevin Murphy, Tim Abney, Nathan Gorman, Ali Batista, Sara Lund, Tim McClean, Timothy Durant and Joseph Gossen
Hair Colourist: Kate Reid
Hair Assistants: Saskia Almansan, Selina Book, Kashmir Asvaraksh and Alberto Ruiz
Photographer: Luis Murphy
Stylist: Emily Ward
Make-up: Julius Eckensberger
Make-up Assistant: Tiffany Alexander
Production: Deanna Sage and Chris Bagot