Introducing the 2019 Education Collection: RIGHT.WRONG

Celebrating the authenticity of the individual has never been more on trend. While fashion has traditionally told us right from wrong as it relates to what we should and shouldn’t wear, its focus has always been about looking attractive and feeling exclusive rather than expressing individuality.

In the RIGHT.WRONG Collection, we are exploring fashion and a more diverse world. The idea of seasonal trends is no longer relevant, and today is all about the individual. That’s why this year we are giving stylists the tools to navigate style and looks that can be tailored to any client’s needs. With inspired styles, cuts and colours, stylists will be able to find a new direction and respond to the revolutionary change within fashion today.

There is never a wrong or right in fashion – there are just choices. For example, the choice to embrace your look, style and culture, or to play with the “rules” and explore boundaries. If we approach every single client in our salons with this truth, then the possibilities are endless.

–  Nathan Gorman, HEAD.MASTER

Visit our website to download the Education Brochure and learn more about the RIGHT.WRONG Collection!