Styling How-To: Fool’s Gold


Featuring nostalgic techniques with a practical yet bold edge, the latest collection from COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY captures colour in its most exquisite form. But while the colour clearly steals the show, we can’t help but to appreciate how much a great style contributes to telling the shade’s story.

Styling the hair after a colour service does much more than showing the client the “dry version” of their new shade. Even with the most beautiful application of colour, the magic truly happens when the chair is turned and the client sees his or her overall result for the first time.


For the Fool’s Gold’s colouring shown above, golden blonde and sun-kissed hues with a soft, muted edge take center stage. This is played up in the styling, as a subtle bend in the hair allows light to play across the strands and show off the multi-dimensional colour created. The shape also showcases the hair’s shine and health – two major areas clients fear forfeiting in their journey to go blonde.


Step 1: Apply ANTI.GRAVITY to wet hair and dry in naturally.

Step 2: Set hair with a large curling iron to add movement at the ends.

Step 3: Let cool without curlers or clips, and then brush repeatedly with the SMOOTHING.BRUSH.

Step 4: Add SHIMMER.SHINE to enhance both colour and sheen.

Step 5: Finish with SESSION.SPRAY and TAIL.COMB to remove any fly aways.


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