The #1 Way To Hide Regrowth Between Salon Visits

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of leaving the salon with fresh hair colour. It can instantly brighten your appearance, make air-dried hair look that much more effortless and juxtapose your new shade of lipstick with beautiful intensity. Anyone who colours their hair also knows about the upkeep it entails, mainly regrowth. Whether highlights are revealing your real shade or pesky greys are peeking out, we all need a solution for the time in-between salon appointments that will keep your colour looking its best.


With the client in mind, KEVIN.MURPHY created RETOUCH.ME — a touch-up spray that can easily keep your natural colour a secret between salon visits.

“In today’s world, we live busy lives – professionally and personally – and we must be ready at a

moment’s notice to ‘put our best foot forward’. A few quick spritzes of this root touch-up spray send micro-fine, light-reflecting pigments to any new growth. These will attach to your hair fibers for a covert and fast solution to conceal regrowth at the roots.” — Kevin Murphy

Why You’ll Love It:

This quick-fix solution can instantly blend greys or regrowth with a seamless, multi tonal dry satin finish. Available in four shades — BLACK, DARK BROWN, LIGHT BROWN, and AUBURNRETOUCH.ME is Sulphate and Paraben-free, won’t leave residue and is never flaky. Formulated with Orange Peel Oil and Tangerine Oil to add shine, micro-fine light-reflecting pigments adhere to the fibres of your hair for an instant multi tonal refresh, yet easily wash out the next time you shower.

How To Use:

For best results, begin the application on dry hair. Find your desired part and lightly spritz your new growth in a similar fashion as you would with dry shampoo. Use the nozzle to aim at the strands instead of the scalp, then let the product set and dry for a few seconds before touching.

Shop Now:

Stock your #shelfie or stash one in your purse for a discreet way to camouflage colour with just a few spritzes. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a friend, shop this product now **and get a free RETOUCH.ME with any purchase from now until 2/15!