Above all else, light was the main focus throughout this collection. Set in a vintage building in Prague, the space enhanced the tone of the team. Ultimately allowing them to explore the intricacies of their raw creativity. In a city of hidden highlights and detailed delights, naturally, the looks exude a bohemian nature and an artistic feel of romanticism. Radiant Flux explores more than just a new palette. It has created a new attitude alongside its perfectly imperfect shadow play.


“For this collection, we utilised light and shade both on the set and throughout the hair to create contrast much like an artist would do when painting. A fresh take on neon shades, our neo colour palette brings lived-in looks to life for an intentionally unintentional finish.” – Kevin Murphy


Radiant Flux utilised GOLD and neon to revamp colours with a modern feel. The result is an illuminated finish that can be tailored to any shade. Apart from the stunning shades created, it is important to understand their placement. The techniques used created a natural sense. Variations of this are seen in the way lights and shadows were painted into the hair. Therefore, deliberately fashioning regrowth, depth and sculptural definition. This season, no matter the shade, stylists are moving away from harsh contrasts and looking to create more seamless blends. We see this movement come to life throughout Radiant Flux. Seen with creamy blondes, luxe brunettes, and drawing on our neo colour palette.

“Radiant Flux combines new product innovation with influences from fashion for a collection that delivers new service opportunities for the salon and unprecedented results. Never before have we seen colour this brilliant and hair with lasting integrity… until now.” – Kate Reid COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR

Coupling colour technology and artistic techniques, Radiant Flux paves the way for fashion-forward finishes that will last longer than just a single season.