The New Neutral: ROSE.GOLD

As hair colour trends go, there is one shade we’ve been in LOVE with season after season that isn’t going anywhere – ROSE.GOLD.

Deemed “the new neutral” by COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR, Kate Reid, she forecasts ROSE.GOLD as a fashion staple this year for its ability to be “easy to wear, feminine, and, let’s face it – complementary to endless outfits.”

Spring is always a fun time to mix up your colour, and this season Reid has been prepping hair to play with forever-fashionable ROSE.GOLD. From baby doll pink to a rosé wine wash, blush tones are making a statement. The key to ROSE.GOLD is diagnosing the right shade to suit your clients, from dusty pink to sheer apricot and even a shine-enhancing shimmer. With so many ways to create ROSE.GOLD, Reid takes us through one of her favourite formulas and how to choose the right shade for your client.

To create a multi-tonal effect:

20G 11.3 + 5G 8.66 + 10G CLEAR + 45ml CREAM.ACTIVATOR 10 VOL. (3%)

I use this formula on hair with a good condition, when I need a dense, long-lasting ROSE.GOLD. It colours with depth and creates a beautiful multi-tonal luminosity that lasts.

So, how do I know what’s the right shade for my client?

  1. Warm, olive, and golden skin tones should stick to warm shades for the most flattering result.
  2. Neutral skin tones will look radiant in ROSE.GOLD and can pick cooler or warmer versions based on their preference rather than suitability.
  3. Cooler skin tones may prefer a brighter or lighter shade of rose, pink or cool blush-like shades.