Top 7 Things You Can Do While Social Distancing

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, individuals are being urged, or in some cases required, to stay home. While many are able to work from home without interruption, Covid-19 is interrupting the beauty industry and impacting hairstylists in a myriad of ways due to the nature of their often hands-on work. Traditionally unable to “work from home”, hairdressers and similar industries are facing a great deal of hardship during this time.

We suggest diligently following the guidelines set forward by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). And, while circumstances differ based on local ordinances, we hope you continue to make choices that are best for the health of you and your loved ones. In the meantime, we are working to prepare educational and supportive online content designed to provide some value to you in this period of social distancing. As uncertainty looms, we hope you can use this time to reinvent routines, remain productive, and become a digital resource for colleagues and clients.

Be sure to follow these tips to Do Your Bit and cut down on the spread of the Coronavirus and keep reading for best practices to make the most of your time and create connection through online presence.

1. Practice Social Distancing Through Social Media 

Social distancing has become the norm around the world, which means many are turning to social media for connectivity. Take this time to connect with your clients and loved ones through social media.

2. Plan Ahead & Grow Your Online Presence

Ramp up your posting schedule, host live events on Facebook and Instagram and organise a posting schedule for the next few months so that once appointments return to normal, you’ll have extra time to concentrate on salon services.

3. Share Tips & Tricks

Through social media, offer your clients daily hair tips for home care – from braiding lessons to the best way to apply RETOUCH.ME root touch up between appointments – this can be a great way to stay connected from a distance.

4. Dive into Education

Tune into KM.TV – for more details click HERE. We are working to make additional education and supportive online content available to you. In the meantime, tune into Instagram – @KEVIN.MURPHY, Facebook –, and Youtube – to see the latest live updates, tips, tricks and education launches.

5. Practice Self-Care & Kindness 

Taking care of your self and being kind to those around you is extremely important right now. Try journaling, FaceTiming with friends or relaxing with a bath and a hair masque. Alternatively, offer tips to your friends and clients through social media on ways they can improve their routine. Consider going live on Facebook or Instagram, or creating a Zoom call to offer advice to others. If they are looking for an online resource to find a hair masque that is best for them – suggest they visit the Product Matchmaker – an online quiz that suggests the best products based on hair type, length, colour and desired style!

6. Create Videos

If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t have the patience to master creating videos for social media, now is the time. With endless resources around the web and plenty of inspiration, try your hand at creating tutorials and product highlight reels.

7. Become a Resource 

While KEVIN.MURPHY aims to be a resource for salons, stylists and clients, we hope you spread the love to fellow stylists by sharing the most up-to-date news and information. Double-check news sources before sharing and be sure that information is factual. Inspiring stories are popping up around the world and we love to hear how everyone is finding new ways to connect, even if from afar.