Tori Praver Miami Swim — Get the Look: Boho Beach Babe

Hairstylist Timothy Silmon used KEVIN.MURPHY to create a soft, boho wave for Tori Praver’s Miami Swim 2016 Resort presentation on July 18, 2015. 
“Tori and I wanted all of the models to have a very natural looking beach wave,” explains Silmon. “The inspiration was waking up with bed head after a big night out and heading straight to the beach. The salt from the surf would create separation to the ends for a look that’s a bit grungy and a bit boho.”
To get the look, Silmon primed hair with KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT, a beach-y cream texturizer to mimic the effects of salt and sea. Models’ hair was then prepped with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, the spray version of the texturizer before wrapping the hair around a 1 ¼ inch curling iron.
“HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY is my favorite product because it works well with a blow dryer, curling iron or when hair dries naturally – it’s so versatile. The product has added heat protection and UV protection,” continues Silmon. “We twisted the hair as we wrapped around the curling iron to create more of a wave than curl. The twisting stretched the hair to a much longer, loose wave-like shape.” 
The models also wore various braids running through the ends of the hair tied off with gold thread and a fawn leather.
To finish the look, EASY.RIDER, an anti-frizz cream was applied to create separation and control throughout the ends of the hair without weighing the hair down or making it greasy. Next, POWDER.PUFF was used on the braids and through the roots of the hair. This metamorphosis product was applied to give hair volume and dry, matte texture for that bed head look.
Lastly, SHIMMER.SHINE, a shimmer-y reparative mist with sun protection helped create a smooth, shimmer-y center part thanks to the product’s tiny gold flecks that reflect light.
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Images by Simon Soong