Walking In London

Living in a big city, your window becomes your eyes to the world. Peeking out from your perch, witnessing the intricacies of seemingly everyday life somehow becomes that much more interesting. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it is these little moments that fuel creativity — helping us decide what to wear or how to style our hair. Capitalising on these idiosyncrasies, KEVIN.MURPHY ARTISTIC.DESIGN.DIRECTOR James Nicholson and his fabulous team created a collection delivering on the intimacies of a stroll down the street with Walking In London.

Capturing the essence of everyday life in East London, each model’s hair was presented as uniquely as their own style. Curls, waves and coils danced in the wind, creating an effortless finish that got only got better with time.

The Looks:


The finish of Ali’s hair patterns from curls to waves travels as easily as her urban bohemian, care-free mood. To ensure a weightless finish the team utilised, YOUNG.AGAIN, ANTI.GRAVITY, HEATED.DEFENSE and SESSION.SPRAY FLEX to create a bouncy look that complemented her West End girl in an East End world vibe.

Get The Look:

  1. Prep hair with ANGEL.WASH + ANGEL.RINSE.
  2. On damp hair apply ANTI.GRAVITY + HEATED.DEFENSE and volume dry.
  3. Use a medium tong + SESSION.SPRAY FLEX to finish.

*Pro-Tip: Gently utilise a finishing brush for a fluffy, airy texture.



High flying and always having fun, Jennifer roller-skates through life allowing her protective styling to take care of her hair while creating the perfect finish. YOUNG.AGAIN was the hero of Jennifer’s protective style with additional help from UN.TANGLED, SESSION.SPRAY and SHIMMER.SHINE.

Get The Look:

1. Cleanse and condition hair with SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH + SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE.

2. On damp hair apply YOUNG.AGAIN to separate and then UN.TANGLED to twist. Either diffuse- or air-dry.

3. Once dry, gently un-twist and apply SESSION.SPRAY to finish.

*Pro-tip: Utilise a TEXTURE.COMB to release weightless texture and finish with SHIMMER.SHINE.



With ballroom vibes and hair that “throws shapes,” Naomi becomes “that girl” in the winter wind. Accentuating her look, STAYING.ALIVE, KILLER.CURLS, HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY and DOO.OVER were key to the finished feel.

Get The Look:

1. Prep hair with ANGEL.WASH + ANGEL.RINSE.

2. On damp hair, apply STAYING.ALIVE and work HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY through. Hand scrunch the hair as it dries.

3. Then, flip the head over and reapply HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY and dry.

*Pro-tip: Using DOO.OVER, laminate to refine or ’shake + spray’ to define.



Jordan’s hair is a fabled source of power and has a well-rested quality about it that completes his free-spirited vibe. LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, MOTION.LOTION and YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER gave him an effortless feel and an easy-to-create, low-key routine.

Get The Look:

  1. Cleanse and condition with STIMULATE-ME.WASH + SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE.
  2. Then, apply LEAVE-IN.REPAIR and diffuse dry. Then use a small tong to define or refine.
  3. Once dry, apply MOTION.LOTION where gentle control is needed and YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER to finish.

*Pro-tip: Utilise a TEXTURE.COMB to release weightless texture and finish with SHIMMER.SHINE.



From the auburn colour to the undone curl, Velveteen Queen wears her hair like her high-end fashion — fabulous from every angle as she struts the streets of East London. Bringing the look to life, LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, KILLER.WAVES, FULL.AGAIN and TOUCHABLE helped capture her stellar style.

Get The Look:

1. Utilise SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH + SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE to nourish and define the hair.

2. Apply KILLER.WAVES + FULL.AGAIN on damp hair and then volume dry.

3. Use a medium tong to define shapes within the silhouette and finish with TOUCHABLE to separate.

*Pro-tip: Prep hair for the perfect finish by utilising the KEVIN.MURPHY CURVED.SCISSOR during the cut to release motion.