What Continuing Education Does for your Career

Education is an investment you’ll never lose. As a hairstylist, it’s a skill that grows alongside your career and is honed each day in the salon, with every conversation you have and in each class you take. While you can gain helpful tips from following your favourite brands or artists on social media, immersing yourself in a class adds to your skillset in profound ways. From learning the details of a technique you’ve tried to master over and over to asking the questions you didn’t know you needed the answer to – being in a classroom with like-minded artists gives you hands-on experiences that will reignite your passion as a hair artist.

With this in mind, KEVIN.MURPHY has crafted our ACADEMY MASTER.CLASSES to ensure you get the most out of your education – be it cut, colour, or style.

“Advanced education is simply the best gift that you can give yourself, not to mention your clients! These ACADEMY MASTER.CLASSES will empower you with newfound skills and confidence. The classes are an immersion into learning and knowledge that will directly change your approach to how you cut, colour and style hair.” – Kevin Murphy

Set in inspiring locations, the ACADEMY MASTER.CLASSES are bringing together knowledge from around the world to give you the best in education. Learn more about which class is right for you. 


COLOUR.STYLE with Wade Blackford & Kate Reid

New York, NY
April 27, 2020

There is an intimate bond between colour and styling services, and understanding the connection between them is the first step toward creating a seamless finish. Style and colour trends are constantly evolving, which means stylists must be up to date on the latest techniques whether in the salon or on-set. Join DESIGN.DIRECTORS Kate Reid and Wade Blackford in a studio setting as they bring to light the best ways to enhance the balance between both colour and styling while picking up key techniques to increase earnings behind the chair.

“Innovation and trends are moving faster than ever before, continuing education is needed to stay current, dynamic and ahead of the curve. Being able to offer your clients something unique sets you apart as a stylist and helps to generate more money behind the chair.” – Kate Reid, DESIGN.DIRECTOR

SHOOT.ME with David Cruz

Los Angeles, CA
June 14-15, 2020

As a brand born behind the lens, this class will explore intricacies needed to add to your success on set. Whether you’re looking to transition to session styling, grow your editorial portfolio, or brush up on the latest skills behind the scenes, SHOOT.ME with SESSION.MASTER David Cruz will leave you with the skills needed to tell your story from start to finish. Session work is much more than just creating a style. It’s about working with a creative team to get a complete look. Join our team for a two-day workshop on the beach! You’ll decide between shooting in the beach house or on the sand, and walk away not only with two stunning finished images to add to your portfolio but also with the knowledge to plan and execute a photoshoot from start to finish.

SHOOT.ME with SESSION.MASTER David Cruz in Los Angeles will follow in the editorial roots of our brand. You will learn how to plan, mood board and execute your own imagery and create your moment in time.” – Kevin Murphy

CUT.ME Philosophy with Pascal Van Loenhout

Chicago, IL
August 16-17, 2020

Tides are shifting as clients are consistently asking for more stylised cuts in the salon. Instead of simply relying on styling to accentuate their look, they want their cut to create their style. Therefore, it is the perfect time to brush up on foundational cutting and learn the latest techniques to get the cuts clients will be asking for most. Learn from our Global Cutting DESIGN.DIRECTOR Pascal van Loenhout in this two-day course as he breaks down the steps needed to create timeless yet bespoke looks behind the chair.

CUT.ME Philosophy will expose you to the bare necessities that are needed to explore your technical skillset and boost your confidence in making decisions behind the chair.” – Pascal van Loenhout, DESIGN.DIRECTOR

BEHIND.THE.SCENES with Massimo Morello

Las Vegas, NV
October 11-12, 2020

When it comes to fashion and editorial, you don’t always see what goes on behind the scenes. If you’re interested in expanding your skillset to session work you might be left wondering how to prepare. From our experience, there are so many unsaid rules and delicate details that are garnered over time. This two-day course – BEHIND.THE.SCENES with SESSION.MASTER Massimo Morello – will break down the subtle nuances of the backstage environment and prepare you for this new avenue of work.

“Our industry is based on inspirations, and looking for new tips and tricks. I wanted BEHIND.THE.SCENES to be the kind of experience where I could share all the tips and tricks that I wish I knew when I started my session career in the fashion industry.” – Massimo Morello, SESSION.MASTER

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