Why You Should Be Paying More Attention To Your Scalp

KEVIN.MURPHY has always been committed to Skincare for Your Hair, and as the beauty industry renews its focus on skincare, haircare priorities are also expanding. 

Routines have greatly shifted when it comes to beauty – the weekly blowout or brow wax has been replaced by self-care and now scalp care, which should be the latest on your list of must-dos. Often neglected, the scalp is an area of skin that needs just as much attention as your face and body. While most might overlook the scalp area when it comes to skincare, this area is quickly gaining clout among beauty experts everywhere because this often-forgotten area is responsible for healthy hair growth, shiny locks and a stellar style.

Where The Trend Started

The shift in skincare started as the natural or “naked” beauty movement began gaining traction. While makeup isn’t ruled out completely, what this influenced was individuality and paying attention to the underlying health of your skin. In a parallel fashion, the trend toward embracing hair’s natural texture has also picked up. Gone are the days of chemical straighteners and hours spent altering texture, instead we’re noticing the embrace of waves, curls, or highly-textured hair, which is why the health of your hair and scalp is so pertinent.

How The Health of Your Hair Impacts Style

Stress, product build-up, lifestyle changes – we see the effects of these play out in lacklustre locks or thinning strands, and transforming the health of your hair starts at the scalp. Hot tools and environmental stressors can affect the way your hair styles and plays a big part in how it will dry naturally. To start, reducing heat damage with the use of heat protectants and ramping up your moisturising regimen, the hair will become less frizzy and more defined.

Product Suggestions:

To add a heavy dose of moisture, opt for HYDRATE-ME.WASH, RINSE and MASQUE.

To guard against the heat, pick up HEATED.DEFENSE a leave-in treatment that will also aid in the health of your hair.

Why The Health of Your Scalp Matters

At the salon, the shampoo is often everyone’s favourite part of any service, especially when it involves a scalp massage. Apart from the spa-like qualities and pampering feel of the shampoo, stylists know how important it is to invigorate the scalp for the overall health of your hair. Hair growth literally begins at the scalp and product buildup, flakes and even heat damage can impact this sensitive area. Which is why detoxing and promoting blood flow to increase circulation is key for hair growth and functionality.

If you’re looking to improve the health of your scalp, stay tuned for an exciting new launch that is sure to step up your scalp-care at home, and in the meantime opt for a refreshing cleanse with MAXI.WASH – a detoxifying treat for both scalp and strands.