Devastatingly diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 35, then-interior designer and mother of five, Kristi Blair, found herself searching for courage after losing her mother, Karen Denmark, to the same disease just a few years earlier. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of folding 1,000 paper cranes for a wish of health, Kristi’s husband, children, and daughter’s dance studio friends began folding cranes in an effort to inspire strength and hope. After her first round of surgeries, Kristi returned home to find 1,000 paper cranes hanging from her ceiling.Only a few months after her surgeries and still in recovery from a bilateral mastectomy, Kristi sought out to make a change for those struggling with breast cancer by starting Wings of Karen, a non-profit foundation whose efforts center around finding a cure for breast cancer by funding research in the Pacific NW region of the United States. The foundation funds better treatments and preventative measures for breast cancer by expanding knowledge in order to advance medicine in this field, all while creating a supportive network and community of survivors.Through her experience of dealing with the realities of breast cancer both personally and through her mother’s battle, Kristi aims to empower those affected by the disease through a community built on education, support, resilience and compassion. The fear of the disease returning personally, or affecting one of her four daughters, continues to drive the spark within Kristi to actively contribute to the search for a cure while educating others about the urgent need to join in and support the cause.Through Wings of Karen, Kristi leads several fundraising events and partnerships, such as the 5k Bra Dash, which attracts over 2,000 participants each year. At KEVIN.MURPHY, we have partnered to support Wings of Karen through the sales of our Limited Edition SESSION.SPRAY can in 2017, and we continue to support the cause through our KEVIN.MURPHY LOVES PINK pack, available in salons now.Wings of Karen is helping lead this race to save lives and create a network of supporters and survivors to inspire hope while actively funding research to prevent and cure the disease. Together, our efforts and support will create a world without breast cancer, so we urge you to get involved wherever you can. To learn more about Wings of Karen and how you can support the cause, click here.Images provided courtesy of Wings of Karen and Chris BagĂ´t.